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Program Evaluation Module

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1. For the ABB program, what is the most important child assessment conducted?

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2. The purpose of the Assessment, Goals, and Instruction Model for evaluation is to ensure

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3. One of the literacy skills addressed in the formal assessment is concepts of print. Which best describes the concepts of print portion of the assessment?

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4. Another literacy skill addressed in the formal assessment is phonological awareness. Which best describes the phonological awareness portion of the assessment?

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5. Which statement is NOT true about phonological awareness skills?

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6. Another literacy skill addressed in the formal assessment is comprehension. Which best describes the comprehension portion of the assessment?

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7. The alphabet section of the formal assessment includes spaces for the name of the letter, the sound the letter makes, or a word beginning with that letter. The child must be able to do all 3 in order to earn credit for that letter.

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8. Which of these is NOT an informal assessment tool used during the A Bright Beginning program?

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9. Anecdotal notes should be objective and factual. Which of these is an objective statement?

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10. Which tools can be used by instructors to reflect and evaluate their instructional practices?

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